Certified ISO 9001-2008

Leveler Back-Up Roll & Thrust Blocks

1. The back-up roll assemblies have a higher load bearing capacity than other conventional units, and the bodies are supported by the bearings along its entire length, therefore reducing edge loading and premature fatigue.

2. The back-up roll unit acts as a self contained unit which is pre-lubricated at the manufacturer, therefore eliminating expensive lubrication access on the bearing as well as continuous lubrication when installed at the mill and during its service/ operating life.

3. The unit is equipped with a seal on each end, which is a two piece, non-contact seal, therefore extending shaft and housing life. The seal offers zero leakage and total exclusion of oil, water, dust and chemicals. The seal material is PTFE which is resistant to most chemicals. Unlike many other seals, this seal can be re-used when the bearing is taken apart for maintenance.

4. The back-up roll unit is designed such that it can be disassembled and re-ground to remove fatigue marks at low cost. These back-up roll units can therefore be used over and over again, therefore implementing large cost savings for the mill.

5. The outside diameter of the body is crowned to eliminate edge loading and fatigue.

6. The back-up roll unit is ground to section height requirements in order to facilitate uniform load distribution across the entire length of the work roll during operation.

7. BEARING SERVICE COMPANY manufactures these back-up units in 52100 bearing quality steel as well as 440C stainless steel for additional corrosion resistance and prevention of material adhesion to the rolls and shafts.

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