Certified ISO 9001-2008

Spring Bearings

The spring bearing is an extremely resilient, flexible roller bearing for the roughest applications. It exhibits the greatest possible degree of resistance to the effects of heat, dirt, and shock loading, and can also be installed without difficulty in many problem areas. It also offers compact envelope dimensions.

Advantages of Spring Bearings Over Conventional Anti-Friction Bearings

Extremely resistant to dirt and scale. These bearings clean themselves by means of the spiral grooves in the bearing races. They act as a worm-screw conveyor, which moves any foreign object to the outside while facilitating lubrication at the same time.

The flexible races grow and shrink back to original size when heated and cooled and therefore maintain internal radial clearance corresponding to operating temperature. The bearings are capable of intermittent temperatures up to 750F.

Due to the bearing design, the thin wall section of its races formed by coiling flat wire, allow the bearing to be installed in places where it is impossible to install other non-friction bearings.

The solid roller cage design that Bearing Service Company manufactures provides excellent handling capacity of dynamic and static loads. The solid roller cage assembly also provides excellent resilience to high temperatures.

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