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Z-Mill Bearings

Bearing Service Company has been precision manufacturing New Z-Mill bearings to exacting tolerances that meet or exceed the most demanding industry standards for over 16 years. An uncompromising dedication to quality control, coupled with the most modern equipment, the highest-grade materials and performance-tested craftsmen, provide you with the best performance guarantee in the business.

Sendzimir Bearing Re-Grind Procedure

Pre-Grind Inspection:
The bearings are received, identified, cleaned and inspected. A pre-grind inspection is conducted on every single bearing. The inspection results are listed on a pre-grind report along with special notes and cost of repairs. The report states what needs to be done to the bearing in order to get them back to OEM specification and if any parts need to be replaced.

Please note, that certain properties of the bearing can only be checked when the bearings are ground on the outside diameter, and therefore the cost of repairs may change slightly to accommodate for the additional repair cost, i.e. Concentricity of race to OD.

This report is faxed to the customer for review and at this stage the customer may or may not opt for the repairs. The customer is not charged for any of the work done to this point, even if they decide not to conduct the repairs. Only when the customer sends us a written purchase order, will the repair work commence.

Re-Grind Procedure:
Each bearing is individually polished on the races with special lapping compound and scotchbrite to clean up any minor imperfections and dirt.

The rollers are individually vibratory tumbled in sets, in order not to mix up rollers from another bearing. In case of a double row, three lipped bearing, the individual rows of rollers are marked in order to ensure that they are replaced in the same order. Vibratory tumbling is a non-stock removal process which removes any burnt grease or dirt and smoothes over irregular peaks on the surface in order to provide a smoother surface finish. The cages are cleaned in a solution to remove any debris and dirty oil. If the cages are caked with burnt grease, they will be sandblasted to remove the scale.

The bearing is then re-assembled and ready for OD grinding.

The OD is rough ground in order to remove all imperfections on the surface. At this stage the bearing can now be checked for run-out under a .00001" gauge. If the run-out is within .0002" then the bearing can be finish ground.

The rough ground bearings are matched in sets in order to achieve sets of equal section heights according to the customers requirements. The bearings are then finish ground on the OD to achieve the required section height. They are one hundred percent inspected for section height, taper, run-out and surface finish. The bearing is etched with the new section height number, and marked on the final inspection report.

The bearing is dipped in a rust preventive solution, wrapped in a moisture resistant paper wrap, covered with a plastic moisture resistant bag and boxed in a Bearing Service Compny designed bottom and lid style double sided cardboard box, and strapped to a pallet or placed in a wooden crate for shipment.

Final Inspection:
The final inspection report with the new section heights, and old vs. the new OD dimensions and other relevant data for accurate tracking by the customer, is shipped along with the product. Bearing Service Comany
encourages the customer to keep those on file for history, assistance in setting up PM programs, tracking and budgetary reasons.

Incoming freight is paid for by the customer and Bearing Service Company re-ground product is shipped back at Bearing Service Company's expense.

Technical Assistance and Communication:
Bearing Service Company has an open door policy. Any customer is welcome to visit our manufacturing facility to witness our first class manufacturing and re-manufacturing operation. Bearing Service Company also provides technical assistance with related issues and the customer has access to direct communication with the technical shop personnel for status on re-grind or new manufactured product.

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