A Quick Guide to Industrial Bearing Repair – Process Overview and FAQ

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A Quick Guide to Industrial Bearing Repair – Process Overview and FAQ

Below, we’ve put together a convenient guide to the industrial bearing repair process, including the different service options available and other frequently asked questions.

BSC offers complete industrial bearing repair, restoration, and remanufacturing services. Our goal is to provide the most cost-effective, comprehensive bearing solution tailored for every customer’s unique situation.

Whether you primarily want to save money on equipment maintenance costs, minimize your equipment downtime, or restore full performance of critical bearing components that aren’t readily available on the market, BSC’s streamlined Bearing Repair and Replacement options cover all bases.

Common Questions About Industrial Bearing Repair and Restoration:

Is repairing industrial bearings cheaper than replacement?

Typically, repairing or reconditioning used bearings is significantly cheaper than purchasing full replacements. That’s especially true for extremely specialized industrial bearing types, difficult-to-source components, and scarce out-of-production parts.

What are the different bearing repair options and processes?

BSC offers a full range of bearing repair options to effectively accommodate all the different bearing types, applications, use cases, etc. Learn more about the different processes on our Types of Bearing Repair page.

  • Modification – We can precisely alter clearances or adjust bench end plays for new, customer-owned, and used bearings as well.
  • Recertification – We can disassemble, clean, measure and inspect, polish and assemble your recertified bearings.
  • Reclaim – We use vibration tumbling, polishing, skin grinding, QC assembly, and preservation services to provide customers with fully reclaimed bearings.
  • Remanufacturing – We can manufacture and install new rollers, regrind or replace raceways, and provide a multitude of other services.

Can all industrial bearing types be fixed or restored?

Yes, we can repair or otherwise fully restore like-new performance to virtually all bearing types and configurations – ball bearings, spherical bearings, tapered roller bearings, other specialized machine bearings, etc.

Can you repair all different bearing material types, e.g. ceramic?

Yes, virtually all bearing materials can be repaired, including ceramic bearings and other high-performance materials. However, some materials are more difficult to work with and costly to repair, potentially requiring specialized repair processes and additional costs.

Can you repair custom bearings or only standard offerings?

As mentioned above, we can repair or restore virtually all industrial bearing types. That includes custom sizes and configurations that are not typically produced or distributed by BSC. In fact, a major advantage of our comprehensive repair capabilities is that we can restore full, like-new performance to bearing components that aren’t regularly available on the market.

How many times can industrial bearings be repaired?

A bearing can typically be repaired up to three times before it requires full replacement. The number of repairs depends on how much material is removed from the raceways during the re-grind process as well as many other factors such as case depth on case carburized materials.

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BSC is one of America’s leading independent manufacturers and repair sources for industrial bearing projects. Founded in 1933, we provide industry-leading experience in virtually all bearing types – ball, cylindrical, thrust, and standard interchange bearings.

Through our full-service repair, refurbishment, and reconditioning options, we aim to provide customers with the most sustainable, cost-effective solution to their unique industrial bearing needs.