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Benefits Of Bearing Repair

Bearing Service Company specializes in bearing repairs, accommodating any size, any Brand, and any bearing type. Our bearing services can be employed for virtually any application, which provides a wider range of customers access to the many benefits of bearing repair services.

Definition of Bearing Repair


Definition of Bearing Repair

Returning a bearing back to the manufacturer’s specification and restoring the full useful life by cleaning, inspecting, polishing, precision regrinding, and replacing components, such as cages, rollers, and raceways.

“Steel is one of the most reusable materials on the planet. Repair your bearings, don’t throw away good steel!”

Benefits of Bearing Repair: Cost Savings

One of the most notable advantages of bearing repair services are the significant cost savings they provide. Customers typically save 50% or more on bearing repairs, as compared to the steep costs of buying new bearings.

Benefits of Bearing Repair: Cost Savings


Benefits of Bearing Repair: Restore Full Useful Life

Bearing repair is not a short-term solution—this service has been proven to restore the full useful life of a used bearing. Furthermore, BSC goes above and beyond to ensure every bearing repair is reliable, always offering a 12-month warranty applied to every repair.

Benefits of Bearing Repair: Reduce Lead Times

Manufacturing new bearings is not only costly, these projects will also take considerably more time to complete. Repair turnaround is a significantly speedier process than lead times for new bearings, which ultimately allows customers to resume production operations quicker and lose less potential profit due to downtime.

Benefits of Bearing Repair: Quality Control

Both bearing repair and new bearing manufacturing services are covered by BSC’s thorough quality control system. From damage analysis, detailed inspection reports, and serialized traceability provided on every bearing, our team ensures that every bearing repair is up to our customers’ highest standards.

Benefits of Bearing Repair: Enhance the Design

BSC does more than simply bring bearings back into functional use—our team can use our bearing repair capabilities to enhance bearing designs, fully optimizing our customers’ parts without needing to build a new bearing from scratch. We can enhance bearing designs using additional features, modified designs, and the premium materials available to increase capacity, improve bearing life, and overall fit, form, and function.