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Technical Assistance

Whether you require an expert’s opinion on failing bearing components, or are looking for innovative ways to optimize your power transmission components, you have come to the right place. Bearing Service Company offers comprehensive technical assistance for customers in need of solutions to minimize production downtime. Explore the ways that our team is equipped to serve your needs below:


Our Technical Assistance Services:

Component Failure Analysis and Redesign

Whether you are dealing with failing bearings or power transmission components, Bearing Service Company is able to implement failure analysis techniques to determine what is causing the issue. After the problem has been identified, our team works with yours to develop an ideal solution and reduce your production downtime.


Product Upgrades

Technical assistance can be used for more than repair service. Even if your bearings or components are still fully functional, product upgrades can be implemented to increase the lifespan of your bearings and reduce the amount of necessary maintenance in the future. By optimizing components with our technical assistance, BSC reduces the overall downtime that our customers experience.

Widely Available Technical Support

Bearing Service Company has been serving companies’ MRO and OEM needs for over 80 years, offering a unique level of technical support. We provide service for customers across the Eastern United States. Our technical assistance is not only widely available in terms of the distance Bearing Service Company is willing to travel—we also offer around the clock emergency service, providing 24/7 availability to our customers.

ISO-Certified Technical Assistance

We are an ISO 9001:2015 company who has established a special niche in refurbishing bearings for older equipment, 20 or more years old. If needed, we can reverse engineer and build a new bearing. Our CMM is accurate to .00005”. We work in bearings 2” ID up to 52” ID. We work with carbon, stainless, 52100s, case-carburized 8620, 3310, and 9310, and we’re able to refurbish a bearing up to three times.