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Sprockets and Accessories

Sprockets are gear-like components that are typically used alongside roller chains to transmit rotary motion. Depending on the end-use, there are many types of roller chains our customers prefer. BSC supplies sprockets to match these roller chains, resulting in peak equipment performance.

Silent Chain Sprockets

Silent chains and their associated sprockets are ideal for projects requiring quieter operating volumes, as well as increased production speeds. Silent chain sprockets are a popular option among customers for this very reason.

Split Chain Sprockets

Is your equipment intended for a work facility with limited space? Split chain sprockets allow for more condensed product designs due to their ability to be assembled in hard to reach locations.

Idler Chain Sprockets for Bushed Roller Chains

Idler sprockets are typically used in bush roller chain operations. By providing proficient guidance for rotary motion, these sprockets allow for higher load capacity and smoother machine operations.

Engineered Chain Sprockets

Engineered chain sprockets, in collaboration with engineering class chains, are designed with utmost precision to ensure the highest standards for durability are met. Transmissions and similar systems that implement engineered chain sprockets are able to function dependably even within harsh working conditions.


In addition to providing our customers with a wide variety of sprockets that will complement the type of roller chains they equip in their machinery, BSC also supplies several related accessories that improve equipment performance, including the following:

  • Shear Pin
  • Specials
  • Tensioners
  • Chain Breakers
  • Chain Wear Gauges
  • Chain Lubrication Systems

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