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How many times can a bearing be repaired?

A bearing can typically be repaired up to three times before it has to be scrapped. The number of repairs depends on how much material is removed from the raceways during the regrind process as well as other factors, such as case depth on case-carburized materials.


How can a repaired bearing last as long as a new bearing?

Bearings are repaired by restoring to their OEM specification, effectively restoring the full useful life of the bearing. We replace worn components, such as rollers and cages, while machining fatigued raceways provides a new rolling surface.

Are the capacities of a repaired bearing comparable to a new bearing?

Yes! The capacity of a bearing is determined by the size and quantity of rollers, which remains the same. In fact, most repaired bearings use larger rollers to accommodate for the clearance lost during the regrind process. Larger rollers means that a repaired bearing carries a higher capacity rating than when the bearing was new.

How can I know that I can trust a repaired bearing compared to a brand new bearing?

BSC provides a 12-month warranty for manufacturing and workmanship on all repaired bearings giving you confidence that the bearing will perform as expected.

Where does BSC source their material?

BSC uses locally sourced material through supplier partnerships out of our Pittsburgh, PA manufacturing facility. All material is ordered specific to each job to ensure quality and content for the requirements of the application.

Does repairing a bearing affect bearing fit and clearance?

Bearings are restored back to manufacturer’s specification. Required bearing fit and clearance are maintained through the bearing repair process.

Will a repaired bearing be out of tolerance?

No. Bearings are repaired back to manufacturers specification and all critical dimensions are restored or maintained through the repair process.

Does BSC manufacture the components required to repair a bearing such as rollers, cages, and raceways?

Yes. BSC manufactures all bearing components, such as rollers, cages, and raceways at our 88,000+ sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Pittsburgh, PA.


What’s the smallest and largest bearing that can be repaired?

BSC can repair bearings from 2″ diameter all the way up to 60″ diameter. Typically, bearings under 4-6″ are not economical for repair.

Can BSC really repair ANY bearing?

Yes! We can reverse engineer and remanufacture any bearing product.

Can BSC repair a bearing manufactured by companies like FAG, Timken, or SKF?

Yes! We can repair bearings made by any manufacturer.