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Bearing Selection, Design, and Identification

BSC application and service engineers offer comprehensive assistance with technical and field service support, including bearing selection, design, and identification services.

How to Select the Proper Industrial Bearings

There are several key considerations involved in industrial bearing selection. Because industrial bearings are employed in a wide variety of applications, it is crucial to not overlook these important details. Fortunately, BSC experts are available for consultation, assisting customers in determining which products are best suited to their needs. 

Machine RPM, direction of load, and hours of operation are all key in determining the style and specifications of the proper industrial bearing. Customers who require non-standard bearings will find BSC helpful in determining the solution for even their most unique requests. In some cases, using BSC to reverse engineer the bearing will help our customers discover a simple, cost-effective solution.

In addition to the number of ways BSC can help solve your bearing needs by employing our engineers, we also have strong partnerships with the OEM’s we support through distribution. This allows us to converse directly with the OEM to solve the possible bearing issue. Get in contact with a BSC representative to see how we can assist you using our extensive industrial bearing knowledge.


Identifying Industrial Bearings

Proper identification of industrial bearings relies heavily on the measurement process. At BSC, we measure industrial bearings according to their inside diameter (ID), outside diameter (OD), and width (W). If, after measurement is concluded, we determine that the bearing is a non-standard part, our specialists will walk our customers through the unique process of identifying special bearings.

Because we have two CMM coordinate measuring machines, BSC is able to provide the best of both worlds—offering the high-tolerance capabilities that are typically only available at larger shops, while also providing customers with the kind of direct communication that only a smaller, localized company can provide.

Designing Industrial Bearings

In addition to providing aid concerning standard bearing identification and selection, BSC is accommodating of unique projects that require custom design services. Our team is fully capable of manufacturing special bearings for the wide variety of markets we serve. While many competitors focus on the generic industrial bearing orders to maximize their own profits, BSC puts our customers’ needs first. Always eager to solve challenges that others cannot, we employ highly experienced industrial bearing designers who will communicate with customers to determine their precise bearing requirements.

In addition to designing new bearings and aiding in bearing identification, BSC also provides our customers with reverse- engineering services for projects where bearing spec drawings cannot be provided