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Manufacturer Support

If you are in need of a specialty bearing, look no further than Bearing Service Company. We boast a wide variety of specialty bearings of different sizes, shapes, and functionality characteristics. BSC easily reverse engineers specialty bearings and works hard to offer our customers solutions for low-production runs of specialty bearings or discontinued styles.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Small Volume Specialty Bearing Projects

Because brand new, short-run products tend to have higher prices and long delivery wait times, BSC is proactive in developing ways to help our customers avoid needless costs. While we certainly can manufacture new bearing parts, we also make our customers aware that we can take their older bearings and rework the design to the specs of a new part at half the price. This manufacturer support has already helped countless distressed customers, developing business partnerships built on results-based trust.

Providing Manufacturer Support for Countless Industries’ Specialty Bearing Needs

If you give us the opportunity, the trust, and the time required, BSC will provide comprehensive specialty bearing support for you. We support a number of industries with our manufacturer support service, such as the steel industry or the mining industry. Notably, our company has a niche focus on the refurbishing market, which is rare for companies like ours. If you are interested in learning more about how BSC can serve your industry, we invite you to contact a member of our team.

Sizing for Specialty Bearings

We can manufacture bearings from 2 inches ID to 60 inches OD. To accommodate particularly large specialty bearings, we have an 88,000 square foot shop to meet slightly larger part requirements, setting us apart from our competitors.

Styles for Specialty Bearings and Discontinued Bearings

Our specialty bearing projects include orders for parts adjusting clearance or end plays for tapered roller bearings. This manufacturer support service proves incredibly useful to many of our customers. BSC can help solve these problems with certain manufacturing solutions, allowing customers to solve issues with bearings they can’t get ahold of anymore or have long lead times.

At BSC, we understand that investing in new equipment is a costly endeavor. This investment is even more frustrating when your equipment is in perfect working order apart from a few discontinued bearings. Because of this, our team specializes in discontinued parts predating the 2000’s, always looking to help our customers extend the value of their current equipment.

If this sounds like the manufacturing solution you’ve been looking for, allow us to quote you for specialty bearing repair or modifications. It is likely that our team will be able to provide you with significant time and cost-savings.