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Chock Bearing Maintenance

Bearings are not the only elements that require proper inspections and maintenance to ensure proper functionality—it is also important to inspect the bearing housings, also known as bearing chocks. If these bearing chock inspections return results indicating any faults, BSC with our industry partners are capable of providing proper maintenance procedures to bring chock bearings back to working order. Explore our process in depth below:


Chock Bearing Cleaning

Because most bearings require lubrication during application use, chock bearings must be thoroughly cleaned during the inspection process. Before this cleaning process, however, the amount of residual lubricant should be analyzed, as this piece of information can be important to determining the type of maintenance that will be needed. The chock bearing cleaning process is completed at one of our partners facilities before the inspection process can begin. Bearings will be removed and inspected at the facility or sent into BSC for evaluation to repair.

What a Bearing and Chock Inspection Report Can Reveal

The chock bearing inspection process is thorough, which allows us the ability to determine a wide range of part faults that can be addressed with chock bearing maintenance. For example, if we discover certain forms of discoloration, our inspectors will be alerted to the likelihood that heat is impacting the performance of the chock bearing. Our team is also trained to look for signs of flaking, cracks in outer rings, rust accumulated on rolling elements, or out-of-roundness.

Save Time and Money with Chock Bearing Maintenance

Replacing bearings and their housings can quickly become an expensive ordeal. BSC uses our chock bearing inspection and maintenance process to ensure that if a part can be repaired rather than replaced, we will assist our customers in doing just that! We work quickly and closely with customers to reduce downtime during the chock bearing maintenance process, further maximizing cost-efficiency.