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Belts and Sheaves

Belts and sheaves are both types of products that help accomplish proper power transmission within our customers’ systems. While these products are simple in design, it is crucial that belts and sheaves are manufactured with precision so that they provide high-quality end-results. At BSC, we are committed to excellence, which is why our customers have come to depend on our expertise with belts and sheave products.

Belts and Sheaves

Belts are a cost-effective method of power transmission across a wide variety of system types such as fans, pumps, conveyors, machine tools, robotics, and many other types of industrial machines. BSC accommodates a large range of application needs by offering over several different belt types. A few that are listed below:


V-Belts and Sheaves

V-belts are the standard belts used by most power transmission systems. Because these belts are used in conjunction with grooved pulleys, they do not present any slippage issues or energy loss to the application. Furthermore, V-belts are ideal because they provide an excellent combination of movement speed, traction, and durability, all of which are major advantages for power transmission processes.

Variable Speed Belts and Sheaves

While V-Belts offer considerable movement speed to their users, some customers may require belts designed for uniquely high- speed applications. If this is the case, BSC recommends our variable speed belts that prioritize quick movement capabilities for a wide range of driven speeds.

Flat Belts and Sheaves

Flat belts were the standard belt design originally used in early line shafting operations, but have been largely superseded by the V-belt design. While these products are currently less prevalent in our industry, there are still many uses for flat belts and sheaves, which is why BSC continues to provide flat belts as a product option where v-belts cannot operate.

Round Belts and Sheaves

Round belts and sheaves are designed to run in a pulley with a 60- degree V-groove. While these belts increase friction during use, round belts and sheaves can be used with great success in low- torque situations, conveyors, and some serpentine drives.

Synchronous & Timing Belts and Sheaves

While belts like the V-belt function alongside grooved pulleys, synchronous and timing belts are themselves grooved with molded teeth. These flexible belts and sheaves experience little slippage due to their design, and often take the place of noisier chains or gears. They are offered in a wide variety of tooth designs for many different applications.

Conveyor Belts

Belt systems can do more than just transmit power—they can also transport our customers’ products and components! By investing in our sturdy conveyor belts, customers can avoid a significant amount of manual labor and allow their equipment to do the heavy lifting.

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