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Gearbox Repair

Gearboxes, or gear drives, often house the bearings that BSC can manufacture. However, over time, these gearboxes wear down and require maintenance. While Bearing Service Company does not specialize in the refurbishment and repair of gearboxes, we prioritize finding solutions for our customers’ needs, which is why we have partnered with certain companies to provide gearbox repairs.

By collaborating with companies that have the equipment capacity to work on large gearbox repair projects, BSC provides a cost-effective way for our clients to manage their gearbox equipment and to reduce the downtime experienced when repairs are required. We invite you to explore the value-added service of gearbox repair and rebuilding the bearings within the equipment.



Gearbox Repair Process

BSC helps our customers navigate the process of gearbox repair by acting as the mediator between our partnered companies and you. Because we are well-accustomed to guiding the gearbox repair and refurbishment process, we are able to find the best possible prices and turnaround times.

Disassembly and Analysis

Bearing Service Company works alongside gearbox repair companies that have the ability to disassemble all gearbox components down to their smallest components and bearings. The disassembly step is the key to verifying the conditions of internal components.

It is only once the gearbox is fully disassembled that the reason for needed repair can be determined through analysis.



Gearbox Repair and Reassembly

The type of repair is determined during inspection and is based on the amount of work required to restore the gearbox back to manufacturers specifications. Afterwards, the equipment is fully reassembled by a team of experts.

Quality Tests for Gearbox Repair

Once work is complete, each critical dimension is measured and recorded in an outbound inspection report. This outbound inspection report is provided to the customer.