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Bearing Repair Process


Preliminary Quote

BSC can provide a preliminary estimate for bearing modification or bearing repair by providing the bearing part number or the brand, type, and dimensions. More accurate preliminary quotes are available through on-site inspections by a BSC representative.


Disassembly, Cleaning, and Inspection At BSC

BSC will cover inbound freight to our manufacturing facility in Pittsburgh, PA for free inspection and quote. The bearing will be carefully disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. Every critical dimension will be measured and compared to manufacturers’ specification. Damage modes will be identified to help determine the root cause of any fatigue present.

Inbound Inspection Report and Quote Provided To Customer

The customer is provided with the inbound inspection report and final quote . Work does not proceed until a purchase order is received from the customer. The bearing can be returned to the customer or scrapped upon request at any time.

Repair: Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Or Type 4

The type of repair is determined during inspection and is based on the amount of work required to restore the bearing back to manufacturers’ specifications. The cost of the repair is based on the type of repair.

Outbound Inspection

Once work is complete, each critical dimension is measured and recorded in an outbound inspection report. This outbound inspection report is provided to the customer.

Preservation and Packaging: New 12-Month Warranty Applied

Each bearing is coated in preservative, wrapped, and packaged or crated for protection. Each label will have the bearing OEM, part number, and serial number. A new 12-month warranty is applied for manufacturing and workmanship.