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Field Service Inspections

BSC has the ability to bring in our own engineers for field service inspections to troubleshoot your bearing problems and ultimately help solve customer issues. Not every bearing manufacturer is willing to go this extra mile, but BSC recognizes the importance of not only producing quality parts, but following through with quality upkeep and maintenance.

Field Service Inspections: Informed by Bearing Nomenclature

Because nearly 99.9% of the bearings in the field are marked with traceable nomenclature, BSC has access to the information that plays a critical role during field service inspections. While this information is not unique to BSC, our company stands apart from the rest due to our willingness to work with smaller shops, unlike the bigger manufacturers that don’t like investing in smaller projects. BSC works on smaller, job shop-type products and services possible, versus OEM-driven projects. Furthermore, BSC understands the importance of quick service when it comes to time-solutions for field service inspections, even when it concerns miniscule issues.


Accomplish Maximum Life and Reduced Downtime with Field Service Inspection Services

We tailor-make bearings specific to your application, whether it’s through enhanced materials, improved surface finishes, modified geometries, or installation / removal features. Beyond quality manufacturing, however, comprehensive field service inspections can be used to optimize equipment life and reduce production downtimes. By investing in inspection equipment, our customers are able to catch product failures before they become a costly problem in their operation.

Additional Field Services: Plant Surveys

Bearing Services has partnered with M7 technologies to perform plant surveys where we take 3D modeling of your plant for overall optimization of flow.

3D Modeling For Plant Surveys and Optimization

Typically, our customers’ plants require a full equipment inspection every one to seven years depending on their maintenance schedules. It is necessary to ensure that every piece of machinery meets the acceptable levels of lubricity, temperature, friction, and even vibration. If these factors are not maintained properly, bearings are at risk of excessive wear and tear, ultimately leading to early equipment failure.

While predictive maintenance is one way to catch bearing failures before they happen, plant surveys are also used to optimize workflow and prevent costly equipment damage. Our partner M7 can perform plant survey service implemented in conjunction with their 3D-modeling services. By modeling the entire workflow system of our customers’ facilities, our team is able to determine the areas that pose a risk to proper bearing maintenance, as well as the areas that can be improved for greater production efficiency.

If this sounds like the manufacturing solution you’ve been looking for, allow us to quote you for specialty bearing repair or modifications. It is likely that our team will be able to provide you with significant time and cost-savings.

Questions for Customers Interested in Plant Surveys and Field Service Inspections

The key to plant surveys is understanding that no two companies are the same. Because there is no standard solution that can be packaged for our customers, BSC prioritizes communication, collaborating with our customers to determine exactly what they are looking for in terms of plant surveys. Our team regularly works with mill superintendents, learning how they run their plants and mills to discover how BSC can best serve them. Questions we typically ask concern the importance of their selling cycle, their maintenance philosophy, and other plant-related issues. The answers vary with every individual case, but BSC is committed to finding a solution for every customer, guiding them through the decision-making process for field service inspections. Avoid catastrophic failures by investing in field services and plant surveys today!