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Industrial Equipment Repair

In addition to our world-class bearing repair services, Bearing Service Company also provides our customers with a wider array of industrial equipment repair services. Keeping your equipment up and running is essential. At BSC, we make that a priority for our customers to use preventative maintenance practices and condition monitoring systems.

The Advantage of Repairing Industrial Equipment Rather Than Buying New

Constantly buying new products, such as bearings and gearboxes, will lead to higher production costs over time. At BSC, we have made it our mission to provide cost-efficient alternatives, regularly saving our customers’ between 50% to 70% on their industrial equipment repair orders.

Our repair services help avoid long delivery wait times. While we can offer our services for manufacturing new industrial equipment, BSC also receives our customers’ older industrial bearing parts for quicker turnaround times. By repairing items according to the specs of a new product, we typically provide results at half the price.

Looking for a Trustworthy Industrial Equipment Repair Partner? Look No Further!

Our customers come to Bearing Service Company when they desire a company that will truly put their needs first. Our primary goal in business is to always provide our clients’ the best solutions with true win-win scenarios as it relates to both manufacturing and repair. Our team will not only repair your industrial equipment, but also save you time and money in the process.

BSC is able to boast these impressive results thanks to our thorough quality assurance program and our dedication to customer service. If you give us the opportunity, the trust, and the time, we’ll provide you with the repair results you’ve been hoping for.


Materials for Industrial Equipment Repair Projects

BSC works with a wide range of materials to ensure that every project is completed according to industry standards. Explore our selection of materials that are available for all industrial equipment repair projects:

  • Through Hardened Steels
    • 52100
    • 440C Stainless Steel
    • M50
  • Case Carburizing Steels
    • 8620
    • 3310
    • 9310
  • Cage Materials
    • Bronze
    • Brass
    • Steel
    • PTFE, Nylon
    • Ductile Iron