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Damage Analysis

When a bearing is damaged, it can be a hassle to get that part repaired or remanufactured. The process of handling damaged bearings becomes even more frustrating when the same product failures continue to plague your operation. With BSC’s damage analysis service, we not only help our customers replace their failing parts, we also help them identify why the failures occurred, ensuring that those issues aren’t repeated. With comprehensive testing evaluations that factors in product lifespan, design, and the environmental conditions the bearing performs in, BSC can determine the reason for bearing damage.

Common Damage Analysis Findings:



Insufficient Lubrication

Apart from certain lube-free bearing designs, most bearings require lubrication when put into use. Because of this, if a bearing is insufficiently lubricated, it will become damaged more quickly. When our damage analysis reveals that failure is caused by lack of lubrication, we often discuss lube-free bearing options with our customers to determine if it will be a more viable option for their applications.

Overloading and Overheating

Too much of anything can be a problem, and this is especially true for heavy weights and high temperatures. If a bearing endures constant stress from heavy loads or overheating, it will become damaged at exponentially faster rates than a bearing that operates in a more stable environment. The damage analysis team can work with you to determine if there is a reinforced bearing option that will better withstand the pressures of your work environment, as well as discuss strategies for creating a production process that mitigates the risk of overloading and overheating.


Corrosion and Fatigue Over Time

While environmental factors can certainly be a reason for bearing damage, fatigue and corrosion over time are some of the most common reasons for bearing failure. The good news is that once BSC verifies that the bearing has simply worn down over time, you can rest assured that there are no environmental stresses that need to be addressed before we supply you with a new or repaired bearing. In some cases, to encourage a longer lifespan, BSC can provide redesign services to reinforce the bearing’s durability.

Manufacturing Defects

When conducting damage analysis for bearings manufactured by third-party sources, BSC will occasionally discover that the product failure was the result of design defects rather than environmental factors. Because of this, we encourage our customers to save themselves the stress of faulty parts by investing in a bearing manufacturer known for their high-quality results.