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Bearing Repair: Modify Benefits

Bearing modification is just one of four BSC bearing repair services. While most bearing repairs can be used as alternatives to buying entirely new bearings, bearing modification can also be used to improve new bearings as well as used bearings. If you are new to modifying bearings, it may be useful to read further and discover the benefits of this bearing repair service.

Modify Your Bearings: Available For New, Customer-Owned, And Used Bearings

Unlike alternative bearing repair services, bearing modifications are not limited to used bearings. The BSC team is able to modify new bearings as well as customer-owned bearings, working from original designs to create optimized bearing components and features. Because the bearing modification process is more varied based upon each project’s unique requirements, estimated prices and lead times are quoted upon request.

Modify and Adjust Bearing Clearance

When bearings are modified to increase clearances, they are optimized to accommodate bearing expansion. During machinery operation, bearings often expand under the heat of the equipment, which can cause machinery malfunctions. BSC solves this issue with our bearing modification services.

Modify and Adjust Bench End Plays (BEPs)

Bearing end plays offer a way to control axial clearances and allow space for in-use elements, such as oil film, misalignment, and even thermal expansion. Bearing end play can be modified to ensure the final product will not simply fit within its assembly, but also be able to function. In addition to BEP and clearance adjustments, BSC also offers Bore / OD Grinding Size adjustments and Hardness Testing for all bearing modifications.

Modify Bearings to Add Special Features

In addition to specification adjustments, bearing modification is used to add special features to our customers’ orders. The BSC team is capable of adding everything from lube grooves, to lifting holes, roller profiling, installation assistance, and more to modified bearing parts. Customers can also choose to modify their bearings to be upgraded using new roller material, such as Case Carburized Rollers and rings.