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Our Power Transmission Products

BSC has an unrivaled selection of power transmission products made available for our customers. Feel free to explore each product type further on their individual page and discover the many ways BSC is able to serve your needs!



BSC Power Transmission Products: Best Quality. Best Price. Best Delivery.

As a stocking Industrial Distributor with access to millions of dollars of inventory, it is our job to offer the best quality parts for the best price and delivery for our customers. BSC has access to thousands of different manufacturers, as well as our own manufacturing division. Our team can help you source a power transmission part or find an alternative source if you’re not happy with your current supplier. BSC has an unrivaled commitment to inventory specific to our customers needs, while offering the best prices on premium products in the industry.


At BSC, we are industrial bearing and power transmissions experts. We have been manufacturing high-quality bearings for over 80 years, allowing us to build an impressive reputation for excellence in our industry.

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Seals, Gaskets & Accessories

Are you looking for industrial seals that will optimize the performance of your machines? At BSC, we distribute seals, gaskets, and power transmission accessories that are built with process reliability in mind.

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Bearing Services offers a wide selection of specialty couplings that can provide solutions for even the most challenging connection processes. No matter the application, our team will help you find the perfect specialty coupling for your power transmission needs.

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Engineering Steel Chain

BSC distributes the engineering steel chains used in conveyors, bucket elevators, and tension linkages. With power transmission customers across the globe using our products, BSC is proud to keep countless businesses running smoothly.

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Sprockets & Accessories

At BSC, our industrial sprockets and chains are used for power transmission in multiple applications where slippage is not admissible, sprocket chains being used instead of belts and chain couplings instead of pulleys.

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Belts and Sheaves

Bearing Services can provide technical support in creating the right belt and sheave combination for your applications.

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Bearing Lubrication

BSC offers bearing lubrication to reduce friction and wear by providing sufficient strength and thickness to support the load and separate the balls from the raceways.

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Ball Conveyors

Screw Conveyors

Roller Conveyors

Bead & Roller Conveyors


Bulk Conveying

Conveyors & Components


Polyglide Rails



UMHW Guides & Rails

Unit Conveying


Drum Pulleys





Ball Screws

Acme Screws


Carriage & Rail Accessories

Profile Rail

Round Rail



Square Rail

Track Roller

U-Channel Rail




Conventional Oils

Synthetic Oils



Lubricants & Compounds

Single Point Lubricators




Multi-Point Lubricators

Complex Lubrication Systems




Mechanical Clutches

Pneumatic (Air) Clutches & Brakes



Hydraulic Clutches & Brakes



Magnetic Clutches & Brakes

Hardware & Kits





Taper Lock



Keyless Bushings

Split Taper Bushings & Hubs

Quick Disconnect Bushings & Hubs



Taper Lock Bushings & Hubs







Air Engaged Torque Limiters

Overload Clutches


Mechanical Torque Limiters

Shear Pin Hubs & Accessories






Pin & Block




Air Engaged Torque Limiters

Overload Clutches


Mechanical Torque Limiters

Shear Pin Hubs & Accessories




Adhesives / Sealants


Caster Wheels

Engineered Plastics



Hose / Fittings

PC Board Repair

Rotary Unions

Krylon Paint



Shaft collars




Power Transmission Products for Every Customer

Whether you just need a quote or you’re designing a new piece of equipment, BSC can help! Our team is full of Industry experts with years of experience and knowledge. We have access to engineers that can assist with your Bearings and Power Transmission needs. Furthermore, our Service Engineers can help assist with training, installation, removal, damage analysis, and more! Contact us today and discover what BSC can do for you.