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Bearing Roller Chains

At BSC, we provide our customers with a wide range of products, including the chains that transmit power with transmission systems. Bearing chains work in conjunction with gears called sprockets that are also part of the BSC inventory and available for purchase. Bearing chains, also known as roller chains, must be manufactured with precision to avoid any internal slippage within the transmission. Contact a BSC sales representative to explore a wide range of expertly designed and produced bearing chains and discover which type is ideal for your needs:



Our Chains

Precision Roller Chain

While generic roller chains can be used in simple transmission operations, precision roller chains are required for the high-wear applications that are involved in many of our customers’ industries. Precision roller chains are notable for their ability to significantly reduce friction, increasing functional performance as a result. By reducing friction, precision roller chains are also designed to withstand longer use, but these bearing chains are only one option available for customers seeking long-lasting products.

Engineered Class Chain

Engineered class chains, even more so than precision roller chains, are manufactured for harsh and demanding work environments. This product is the most suitable option for customers looking for long-lasting bearing chains. Not only do these products reduce overall machine downtime due to fewer necessary replacements, they also reduce the costs associated with new purchase orders. In addition to engineered class chain, BSC also provides availability on British Standard Chains, meeting international standards as well as domestic industry standards.

Silent Chain

A silent chain works to increase links across the area with sprockets together similarly to gear teeth. The ultimate result is a transmission system that operates quieter than other systems, increasing power, as well as operating more efficiently at faster speeds.

Leaf Chain

Typically used in equipment such as forklifts, leaf chains provide their users with both durability and the high strength qualities necessary for heavy machinery operation.

Attachment Chain

Roller chain attachments are necessary for a wide range of applications specific to the machines transmission operations. With BSC able to provide different attachment chains, our customers are able to operate their equipment efficiently, while avoiding downtime without compromising machine reliability.

Plastic Chain

BSC is not limited to working with metal materials. We have access to sprockets and roller chain that can be manufactured as a plastic chain or sprocket when the situation requires it.


Anti-Corrosive Chain

Similar to engineer class chains, BSC can provide anti-corrosive chains that are built to be durable and long-lasting. Because roller chains are frequently exposed to numerous elements, corrosion is a constant risk. Anti-corrosive chains are manufactured to specifically address corrosion concerns and increase the lifespan of our customers’ transmission systems.


Heat-Resistant Chain

Whether because of workplace challenges or high-speed operation requirements, many roller chains must endure high-temperature environments. To ensure full functionality, BSC offers heat-resistant chains specially designed for these types of working conditions.


Lube-Free Chain

Lubricant oil is typically required to suppress chain wear and deformation, but if the workpiece does not easily allow for lubrication, a lubrication-free type chain will easily address this challenge.


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