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Bearing Repair: Reclaim

Bearing reclamation is one of several repair services that BSC offers our customers. By providing alternatives to buying completely new bearings, BSC is able to make our customers’ lives significantly easier. If you are new to bearing repair or reclamation, we invite you to read further about each bearing repair option to discover which method is best suited to your needs. Below we have detailed the reclamation process and the associated advantages that set this method of bearing repair apart.

Bearing Reclamation for Shorter Lead Times and Lower Costs

While bearing recertification is the fastest and most cost-efficient method of bearing repair, the bearing reclamation process follows closely second in terms of speed and cost-efficiency. Our customers typically save anywhere from 60-80% on bearing reclaim projects as compared to the cost of entirely new bearing orders. Furthermore, this level of affordability is achieved without impacting lead times too significantly.

The Bearing Reclamation Process

Disassembly and Cleaning

Before getting to the core of the bearing repair process, the parts in question must be both disassembled and cleaned. During bearing reclaim processes, the BSC team ensures that every critical dimension is properly measured, which allows us to provide an accurate assessment for which repair service is necessary.

Measurements and Inspection

Once disassembly and cleaning operations have been completed, the BSC will conduct measurements and inspections, whether the project involves bearing reclaim, remanufacturing, or even recertification. As a company that is dedicated to providing thorough bearing repair services, BSC ensures that a full inspection report is provided for each measurement and inspection our team conducts.

Bearing Skin Grind and Assembly

In addition to vibratory polishing, bearing reclaim services continue to be differentiated from the alternative bearing repair services because this process involves bearing skin grinding. This service is used to bring bearing components into properly reclaimed tolerance before ultimately being reassembled.

Bearing Repair FAQ

Preservation and Packaging

The BSC team doesn’t stop at bearing reassembly—before a bearing repair project is complete, we coat each bearing with a rust-preventing, performance-enhancing preservative. Then, our customers’ orders are wrapped and packaged with labels indicating the bearing OEM, part number, and serial number. We offer a 12- Month Warranty that can be applied to every bearing reclaim project.