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Even if you’ve invested in the highest quality power transmission equipment, you are still bound to run into problems if you are not using the proper lubrication solutions. Apart from a select few lube-free products, every bearing, shaft, or pulley system requires some type of lubrication. Because many different products require lubrication, it is important to order the right kind of lubricant for each unique application. BSC offers a wide variety of lubricants and oils, ensuring that every customer can find the right solution for their needs.

Lubricants & Compounds

Conventional Oils

Conventional oil, which is developed from crude oil, is an adaptable lubrication type that can be used across various applications. Many customers opt for standard conventional oils due to this lubricant option being one of the most cost-effective choices available..

Synthetic Oils

Mainly used in high speed applications because of its low viscosity. Synthetic oil lubricants are interesting because they are derived from chemicals as well as crude oil. Because this lubricant type is artificially manufactured, the cost tends to be higher than conventional oils, but synthetic oils can result in overall cost-efficiency due to its ability to withstand degradation because of its ability to disperse heat while increasing protection during use.


While both conventional and synthetic oils are ideal for high-friction applications, grease is the lubrication of choice that is designed to remain in one place. Increasing the viscosity allows for a barrier between rolling elements and raceway, protection from corrosion, and a sealing against contaminants. Because of this, grease is a better lubrication option for projects requiring a durable lubrication barrier that can withstand heavy loads, rather than high-speed operations.

Complex Lubrication Systems

In addition to the lubricants themselves, BSC can provide our customers with highly efficient automatic lubricating systems to ensure every phase of our customers’ lines of production receive the precise amount of oil or lubrication needed to keep running smoothly. We offer single-point lubrication systems that specifically monitor one component’s lubrication levels, as well as multi-point lubricator systems that deliver precise amounts of lubricant to several operating points. In both complex lubrication systems, the chosen lubricant is held at a single reserve point.