America’s Leading Industrial Bearing Distributor: Meeting Global Supply Chain Challenges

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America’s Leading Industrial Bearing Distributor: Meeting Global Supply Chain Challenges

When it comes to critical bearing components, supply chain issues and part shortages can bring an immense amount of pressure on a company’s production schedule. That’s why more and more customers are turning to domestic bearing distributors after dealing with years of sporadic disruptions of international supply chains. Bearing Service Company has been one of America’s leading industrial bearing manufacturers and distributors for over 90 years.

BSC is an authorized distributor for the industry’s largest and most commonly used brands. For example, we supply full catalogs of bearings and related components from:

  • Timken
  • Rexnord
  • NTN Bearing Corporation
  • FAG
  • Many other major brands…

Since 1933, our company has remained one of the nation’s premier sources for a wide range of industrial bearings and power transmission products. Compared to many of our industrial distribution competitors, we offer our clients a more robust and reliable service backed by superior product support with an ongoing customer relationship.

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A Domestic Supply Source for Your Critical Industrial Bearing Components

BSC is one of the nation’s leading bearing distribution companies with fully integrated manufacturing and repair services based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We provide streamlined access to many of the primary manufacturers in today’s industrial supply chain market.

We can help find virtually any part you need, locating alternative sources if you are having issues with your current supplier. Our extensive and diverse vendor network enables us to provide complete inventory management, streamlined equipment repair services, and unique service engineering solutions specific to your equipment and operational requirements.

The Advantages of an American Bearing Manufacturer and Distribution Company:

As a full-service manufacturer as well as a distributor, BSC places the highest priority on finding the most efficient and sustainable solution for every customer. Some of the advantages we offer include:

Supply Chain Reliability – We provide a more reliable source for your critical bearing components – far less affected by international supply chain disruptions or unforeseen shipping delays.

Shorter Lead Times – Our reduced lead times enable faster response to your critical bearing needs, changes in demand, or supply chain disruptions affecting your other sources.

A More Tailored, Optimized Distributor – Compared to large box store distributors, BSC can generally offer greater flexibility and customization options for your orders. As a full-service bearing manufacturer, distributor, and source for repair/reconditioning services, we can tailor our services to your specific product needs.

Managed Inventory Services Ensure Your Critical Bearing Components Are in Stock

BSC works with many customers that have recurring orders on a regular basis. To accommodate recurring customers as efficiently as possible, we maintain an available replacement inventory in our warehouses to fill new and ongoing orders as they arise.

We carry a large inventory of refurbished and replacement bearings. Many manufacturers will replace the equipment or entire component instead of the bearing, potentially adding to your costs and downtime. In contrast, BSC can not only replace or repair bearings, we also maintain a seamless supply process by maintaining a steady inventory of the critical parts you need.

Supply Chain Management and Just-in-Time Delivery

When global supply chain issues arise, BSC is well-equipped to stand up to the challenge. With our robust supply chain and inventory network, we are never caught off guard by new trends in the market or sudden shifts in product availability. With multiple redundant sources in place, we can track down, reclaim, or manufacture almost any bearing component you may need.

As long as your bearing parts or backup components are available somewhere in the market, BSC will make sure you receive them in the most timely manner possible. We offer highly efficient just-in-time (JIT) delivery for bearing orders to save you the time, cost, and complexity of managing your supply chain.

American Manufacturing and Distribution for Industrial Bearing Products Since 1933

BSC is amongst the nation’s leading manufacturers and distribution companies for virtually all types of industrial bearing products. Founded in 1933, our company delivers industry-leading experience and a more reliable supply chain solution for your critical equipment.