Sustainable Bearing Reconditioning

sustainable bearing reconditioning

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Industrial Bearing Repair and Reconditioning for Better Sustainability

Various industrial bearing repair and reconditioning services are generally the greener, more sustainable option when compared to complete bearing replacement. Environmentally-friendly materials and cleaner manufacturing practices are great, but the most sustainable solution is always to maximize the service life of your current bearings.

To that end, Bearing Service Company offers four complete industrial bearing repair/reconditioning options to help you achieve a more sustainable factory, and simultaneously minimize your equipment maintenance costs in the process.

Bearing Reconditioning Services to Reduce Your Equipment Costs and Carbon Footprint:

Industrial Bearing Remanufacturing

Instead of manufacturing new bearings – and thus retiring the old components to the landfill – we can remanufacture industrial bearings to essentially create a new component without all of the waste. The result is far better sustainability, and reduced equipment costs for your facility.

Bearing remanufacturing services are the most extensive bearing repair service that we offer – we’re basically producing a new complete bearing assembly by reworking the old components. The process involves complete disassembly, measurement and inspection of all tolerances…then vibrator polishing, as well as regrind/replacement of raceways and rollers, if necessary.

Due to the complex, highly involved remanufacturing process, extended lead times are often required – generally between 10-16 weeks. However, in addition to being the environmentally friendly solution, remanufacturing provides you with like-new parts while saving up to 50% of the cost of new replacement bearings.

Industrial Bearing Reclaim Services

Bearing reclamation is another unique refurbishment option we offer as an alternative to full bearing replacement. Our extensive bearing reclaim services involve full disassembly, cleaning and polishing of the bearing components using our vibratory finishing process. We also measure and inspect all tolerances before reassembling with a performance-enhancing preservation and repackaging solution.

All reclaimed bearing assemblies are wrapped and packaged with custom labels indicating the bearing OEM, part number, and serial number. As a testament to the quality of our process, BSC offers a 12- Month Warranty that can be applied to every bearing reclaim project.

Custom Bearing Modification

We can modify bearings to alter tolerances or various other performance specifications. While most bearing repairs can be used as alternatives to buying entirely new bearings, our bearing modification services can also be used to improve new bearings as well as used bearings.

For example, we can modify industrial bearings for increased clearances, which accommodates increased bearing expansion in high-performance, high-heat applications. We can also modify bearing end play to ensure the final product will not simply fit within its assembly, but also be able to function.

Finally, we can modify bearings to add various special features such as lube grooves, lifting holes, roller profiling, installation assistance options, and more. In all cases, modification is a much more sustainable option than throwing out the old bearings and replacing them with new, fully-featured components.

Bearing Recertification and Reassembly

Finally, BSC can recertify industrial bearings to ensure like-new performance that is in accordance with the current certification and specification requirements. For example, recertification is often necessary for new old stock (NOS) industrial bearings, or maintenance components with an outdated shelf life.

Our bearing recertification process involves complete disassembly, cleaning, and examination: all internal clearances are measured and checked, and all bearing components are preserved, regreased, and repackaged according to current desired specifications.

Committed to Quality and Sustainability in Industrial Bearings Since 1933

BSC is one of America’s leading independent manufacturers and repair sources for industrial bearing projects. Founded in 1933, we provide industry-leading experience in virtually all bearing types – ball, cylindrical, thrust, and standard interchange bearings.

Through our full-service repair, refurbishment, and reconditioning options, we aim to provide customers with the most sustainable, cost-effective solution to their unique industrial bearing needs.